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Service Catalog


We’re getting to the fun part! The Service Catalog is going to be your go-to location when you need help locating approved services offered by your organization. Whether you are looking for your new hire form or a place to request a new laptop, this should be your starting place. Please make this menu your first choice when looking for help or requesting a service from your organization.

service catalog image

Next, we will look at how to request an approved Service Catalog item through the Service Portal.

Requesting a Service Catalog Item

To request an approved service, please select an item from the list. The services are divided into categories to help you navigate your search. Notice there are currently 3 search bars located on your screen, and each will provide you the requested results.

For example:  If I am viewing a display of All Services and would like to narrow my search to Office related Catalog item requests, by entering Office in any search bar, the new list displayed will only reflect the Office specific catalog items. 

Once you have found the service you are looking for, go ahead and click to request. Clicking a Service Catalog item will bring you to the Service Request screen where you will see additional information which may include a title, description, cost and expected delivery time for this service.

Complete the information requested in this approved service. Any information that is mandatory will be marked with an asterisk (*). Some organizations provide you with the option to attach files to your service request. If you would like to attach any external files, please select the icon.

Complete the information needed and select your options → click Request Item. You will notice that you are navigated to the My Requests menu where you can see your new request and any updates associated with it.

service catalog image