Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk


Q: What are the customer benefits of the new agent?

A: Samanage owns code base:

  • Easier to fix and support
  • Easier to add new features - endpoint management roadmap

A: Automatic updates

  • Easier, targeted updates - per account/per machine
  • Better targeted supportability

A: Better overall security

  • Each customer is encrypted in a silo with own private key
  • Stronger overall encryption using latest TLS standard

A: Easier install process

  • No need to enter account details
  • Better and more complete data collection

A:Better scalability

Q: What operating systems are supported by the new agent?

A: Windows

  • Windows 7.x
  • Windows 8.x
  • Windows 10

A: OSX - 10.6 and above

Q: Will there be a new agent for Linux/Unix machines?

A: Not currently planned.

Q: What are the options for deploying the agent?

A: Same as before - see setup -> deployment

Q: Will there be an MSI file?

A: On our roadmap - there is an existing 3rd party solution

Q: What ports/services/URLs should be enabled?


  • AWS S3 - must have for the agent to able to post data to Samanage
  • - should be open to get the machine’s external ip

Q: How does the customer uninstall the old agent? Can they mass uninstall?


  • As with any other Windows or Mac application
  • Mass uninstall can be scripted - contact our support for details.

Q: What happens if the customer doesn’t uninstall the old agent?

A: No issue - they can run in parallel. We will eventually ignore the data from the old agent; however, this is not planned for the near future.

Q: What procedure should customers follow if there is a problem with the new agent?

A: Contact support

Q: Do auto updates require user interaction?

A: No user interaction is required. The process is entirely automatic.

Q: Can a user disable the auto updates?

A: This is possible but not recommended. Please contact support for this issue.

Q: How to install with a proxy?


  • Extract the downloaded setup using 7zip (or similar)
  • CD into the extracted folder -> SamanageAgent
  • Execute setup.exe --mode unattended --enable_proxy 1 --proxy_address [address] --proxy_port [port] --proxy_username [username] --proxy_password [password]

The username / password parameters are optional

Q: What are the command line options?

A: Running agent from command line in Windows:

“c:\Program Files\Samanage Agent\agent\ruby\bin\ruby.exe” “c:\Program Files\Samanage Agent\agent\src\mini_kernel\cmd.rb” --h

Usage: cmd.rb [options]

-w, --download execute the downloader

-f, --force force packages execution

-l, --local generate local report

A: Running agent from command line in Mac:

The following steps must be executed with root privileges.

/Applications/ /Applications/ --h

Usage: cmd.rb [options]

-w, --download execute the downloader

-f, --force force packages execution

-l, --local generate local report

Q: How do I force a manual update?


  • In some cases, you may wish to force the agent on a certain machine to manually push an update. To do this, run the following commands:
  • In Windows: c:\Program Files\Samanage Agent\agent>ruby\bin\ruby.exe src\mini_kernel\cmd.rb --h

Usage: cmd.rb [options]

-f, --force force packages execution

  • In Mac: /Applications/ src/mini_kernel/cmd.rb --h

Usage: cmd.rb [options]

-f, --force force packages execution

Q: What are the domains I need to whitelist in my network?


  • US:
    • - should be open to getting the machine’s external IP, if you’d like Samanage to map your assets
  • EU:
    • - should be open to getting the machine’s external IP, if you’d like Samanage to map your assets

Q: Are there any antivirus issues?

A: Currently no known issues. The Samanage agent code is signed with the Samanage certificate to avoid such problems. But there may be cases where we can have an issue with Antivirus software. If such issues occur - please contact our support.

Q: How do I know I am running the new agent?


  • For windows you will have 2 services:
    • SamanageAgentService
    • SamanageAgentWatchdog
  • For mac under the application, you will have an app called “SamanageAgent” (old OCS app was called “Samanage Agent” with a space)

Q: When we say 24 hours reporting period - what does it really mean?

A: The agent reports once in 24 hours. If it fail to report it will retry till it can report.

Q: What happens if I don’t install the new agent?

A: Nothing will happen. The original agent will continue to report until such time we decide to phase it out which will, of course, be preceded by the proper announcements in community.