Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Getting to Know Your SolarWinds Instance

Now that you have installed the Discovery Agent and Scanner throughout your company, data collection can begin. The first step is to confirm the Agent is running properly on deployed devices.

Windows - Monitor your data via:

  • SamanageAgentService
  • SamanageAgentWatchdog

MAC applications - Monitor your data via:

  • SamanageAgent (previously known as Samanage Agent, the space has been removed)

In your SolarWinds instance, hover over the menu icon. You can select the Inventory tab, or navigate to Setup > Discovery to view additional tabs.

  1. Connections tab: provides a variety of details such as Host, Type and whether Credentials have been provided.

    1. You may select between SCCM, Router, vCenter, subnets, Orion and/or AWS connections.

  2. Scanners tab: provides details per scan.

    1. Important to review and update relevant details

    2. Able to adjust the frequency of scans and ensure proper reporting

  3. Credentials tab: allows you to view which type of credential is associated with each device.

    1. By entering credentials, you increase visibility of your network for greater control to manage your company assets.

    2. We support both SSH and SNMP integrations.

  4. Inventory tab: provides a breakdown of all devices scanned.

    1. Computers
    2. Software
    3. Printers
    4. Mobile Devices
    5. Networked Devices
    6. Other Assets
    7. Map

In addition to utilization of the Discovery Agent and Scanner for your company’s asset management, we offer services for Chrome OS users as well.  From the Google Admin Console we are able to import and synchronize Chrome OS data.

Further details regarding Syncing Chrome OS devices information is provided in the following section.