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Getting to Know Your SolarWinds Discovery Agent and Scanner

SolarWinds Discovery gives you the full picture of your organization’s technology landscape. Our SaaS-based auto-discovery solutions capture complete and accurate data of your IT infrastructure, helping you map and manage all your hardware and software assets. Fully integrated into your SolarWinds Service Desk, SolarWinds Discovery aligns your asset management, configuration management, and service management processes, allowing you to maximize the value of your assets and giving you the insights needed to maintain the  technology that supports your organization.

SolarWinds Discovery Agent

Agent-based discovery technology is built to collect in-depth information on the computing devices that it is installed on.

  • Agent version supporting Windows and Apple computers/servers

  • Collects over 200 data points from the devices including: hardware, BIOS, and installed software titles

  • Mobile Agent available for Apple and Android mobile devices

  • Minimal Upkeep - Discovery Agent auto-updates when a new version is released, no device restart required

  • Superior Security using the latest TLS standard- All data is encrypted, access only with private key
  • Better Scalability

SolarWinds Discovery Scanner

Agentless discovery technology is built to scan your entire network and collect information on all of your IP connected devices.

  • An extensible architecture that can utilize multiple protocols to collect additional data on your assets, including SSH and SNMP v1-v3

  • Routine scanning cycles reflect all changes to your infrastructure

  • Minimal Upkeep - Discovery Scanner auto-updates when a new version is released

This guide will show you how to get started with a few simple steps.

  • Installation of your SolarWinds Discovery Agent and Scanner

  • Deployment of the Discovery Agent on endpoint devices

  • Deployment of the Discovery Scanner on your Linux Machine

To derive the maximum insight into your network, it is recommended to utilize the Discovery Agent and Scanner simultaneously.