Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Best Practices

We recommend:

  • Deployment of the Discovery Agent on every Windows and Mac OS endpoint device within the organization.

    • This allows for the greatest visibility per device.

    • Scanner provides high level management, where as the Agent provides in-depth detail of hardware and software per device. 

  • Deployment of the Discovery Scanner on one or more subnets.

    • Ensure the Discovery Scanner has access to all the subnets you desire to collect asset data from your network. This ensures complete asset management. 

    • Single vs. multiple deployment: the key to efficient asset management is to reach all subnets. If you have multiple connected subnets, you should consider router integration. By using router integration, you can pull information from multiple subnets via a single deployment. However, if the subnets are not reachable from one another, each subnet will require individual scanner deployment. 

    • Subnet load: simply considering the number of devices connected to each subnet is not sufficient. Please consider the load of processes to determine whether to deploy the scanner on each subnet or if one deployment for multiple connected subnets is sufficient. 
      (This is discussed in detail in the Discovery Installation Guide)