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Orion Alerts

Orion is user friendly right out-of-the-box and is an exceptionally efficient platform that allows you to stay ahead of the game and manage all of your IT services in a proactive manner.  As it has multiple functions we would like to point out what sets us apart:

  • Centralized monitoring and management of your entire IT stack, from infrastructure to application

  • Scalable architecture that reaches across your physical, virtualized, and cloud IT environments

  • Simple, secure, and integrated experience

When you navigate to SolarWinds Interfaces and select Orion you will find the Orion index page.  To add a new Orion instance:

  1. Click on the icon

  2. Enter a name and description to describe the Orion instance you are integrating with. 

  3. Enter a requester to identify from where the ticket originates. 

  4. Click Create

  5. Once created, you will need to generate and save a token as an added measure of security. 
    *Please note: the token is only visible at this time.  If you need to regenerate the token you will be disconnected from Orion.

  6. Cope and paste the token and the Orion uuid and Instance name will self populate

When an alert is created in Orion, an Incident is automatically created in the Incident index page of your SWSD.  There exists continuous bidirectional communication between your service desk and your orion platform.