Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk



This includes every Risk that is detected in your system.  We provide 6 out-of-the-box risk notifications and you are able to add more as needed.

Risk notifications:


  1. Low disk space

  2. Incident past due date

  3. Expired contracts

  4. Computers that have an agent installed that has not reported in 7 days

  5. Computers that do not have any anti-virus software installed

  6. Greynet - This needs to be set up by your administrators


There are a number of Actions that can be achieved from this index page.  For example:

  • Send an email notification to the user affected; i.e. low disk space on the user's device

  • Send an email to the asset owner of unreported assets

  • You can create an incident and link the asset to incidents created