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Notifications Enhanced

Notifications are very helpful in managing your day-to-day workload. This feature can ensure no Incidents, tasks, approvals etc. are forgotten or left unresolved. You may have familiarized yourself with the Notifications and Email customization features in your SWSD. In an effort to enhance agent productivity, we have united the two pages and now provide one location that allows you to configure and manage your system.

What to expect?

Real-time notifications are imperative to ensure all relevant team members stay informed by complete visibility into all updates throughout the service life cycle. As we know too many notifications can get overwhelming and therefore at times get overlooked, so we have made sure it is simple to select which user needs to receive each notification.

  • Notification Index - The Notifications and Email Customization pages have been have been unified and are located in the Service Desk menu.
    • A Send To column has been added to allow you to determine which user will receive each notification (agents, requesters or the list in the incident's cc)
    • You can filter the list of notifications by modules

Additional enhancements -

  • Turn off notifications for specific groups

  • Set task reminders for Ad-Hoc Tasks

  • A variety of formatting options in email templates (like adding a URL)

  • New Notifications

  • Task Notifications (Task Completed)

  • Solution Mention Notifications

  • Daily Email Digest:

    • Get a daily list of your assigned items and due tasks via email