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Notification Settings

There are two areas for you as the Administrator to define settings in your SWSD notifications.

Global Settings

Navigate to the Setup menu and select Global Settings. Click on Notification Settings to set the following areas.

Default Timeout Period

You can define the default timeout period for links to approvals or exported data sent via email. Here you can enter the amount of time (in days) for which the email approval link is valid. We recommend 14 days for this setting.

Expire RSS Feeds

This selection will expire any of the RSS feeds that have been exported from SolarWinds. The RSS feed will no longer update.

Weekly Summary

SWSD will send a weekly summary of your account's performance. Here you can select which users will receive the report.

Service Desk

Once again, from the Setup menu navigate to Service Desk and select Notifications.

From the notifications index page you can determine who receives email notifications.

  • The SEND TO column allow you to select:
    • Assignee
    • Requester, CC

E-mail Notifications

You can customize the notifications sent to both your assignees and requesters based on the selections defined in this section. If the requester option has been selected, you can also have notifications sent to the CC’d contacts on the incident.

Notifications are sent based on the selections made in this section. 

  • If the requester is not marked, then anyone in the CC will not receive the notification.  By de-selecting the requester, the CC is automatically turned off.

  • Administrators can ensure that specific changes made to an Incident and/or Change can trigger an email notification.

  • Users own change: the user will only receive an email notification of their own changes made if marked in this appropriate area in the setup menu.

Please keep in mind that these settings are global for each type of users.

We recommend turning on notifications for Incident Received, Incident Resolved and Incident Commented for both the assignee and the requester. It is best to turn the Incident Assigned notification on for assignees as well to ensure new assignees will be notified if the assignee changes. Don't forget the assignee notification for New Task, as that's an important one too.

We strongly recommend a review of the email templates provided out-of-the-box. This allows for seamless alerts of ongoing workflow processes. In addition, you can quickly customize your own email template and include any of the variables provided on the right side of your screen.

As we are often inundated with emails, navigate from My Account, select Settings and you can have a Daily Email Digest sent to you. This helps you stay on top of working items assigned to you and tasks that are near and/or past their due date.

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