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New Look and Feel to Reports


  1. The Index and Reports pages now share the same process for filters and parameters.
  2. By creating a rectangle over an area of my report data (over the bars in breakdown reports or the timeline in reports over-time) I can obtain a more granular view.
  3. The Y-axis is now clearly labeled.
  4. You can now enjoy consistency around text, colors, labels, bars and data formats across all reports.
  5. Given the changes above you can experience and overall better look and feel.

How To's

To start benefiting from the changes made to the reports section, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Labs section of your Setup menu
  2. Scroll to the Reports UI updates section
  3. Toggle the pill to the On (green) position
  4. Select ‘all user’ or specific users

Now navigate to the Reports section. For this example we will review the Incidents Over Time Report.

Notice the Edit View options on the left. Add/delete parameters to view only what you are interested in and add attributes such as state, assignee etc. via the filter tab.

In addition, by using my mouse I can create a rectangle over an area of the graph to focus on specific bars of interest and even removing some (or all) the bars you’re not interested in.

You can then reset the view or hold the shift key while using your curser to move the zoomed area to other bars in the graph.

If you would like to learn more about the Reports offered via your SWSD, please click here.