Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Networked Devices

A list of devices such as printers and routers located on your network. 

The All Networked Devices Index page provides an overview of details such as:

  • Name
  • Device Type
  • Host
  • MAC Address
  • OS etc.

By hovering over the actions column you can reveal 2 icons allowing you to:

  • Delete or
  • Hide the device

When you click on the Device Name, the details page is revealed. From here you can:

  • Change the State of the device
    • Broken
    • Duplicate
    • Lost etc.
  • Change the Device Type
    • Mobile
    • Router
    • Access Point etc.

    When changing the Device Type to computer, the device will be redirected to the Computers Index screen. Some information may be lost and the transfer is irreversible.