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Edit option in Service Catalog Items

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When you make a change in your service catalog, SWSD lets your company decide whether to allow inline editing. Your administrator can turn off the feature so all service catalog items can be saved before they are rolled out to all employees.


Setup > Global Settings > Service Desk Settings.

How to begin

  1. Navigate to Setup > Global Settings > Service Desk Settings.

  2. Scroll to the toggle labeled Inline Edit for Service Catalog Items. Select the toggle if you wish to enable this feature or leave toggle in the Off position.

This toggle is turned On by default. If you do not wish to enable this, you will need to switch the toggle to Off.

When the toggle is in the Off position, you can click the Edit button to make any changes.

Any update to the values or default text in a custom field will be reflected in all places where that custom field is used.

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