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Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping is used to redirect the URL your users access to log into SolarWinds. Rather than tied to your account name, you have the option to customize the URL.

Domain Mapping in SolarWinds Service Desk


Factors to consider when using Domain Mapping:

  • CNAME Record in DNS

You must create the proper CNAME record in your DNS before adding the domain

into SolarWinds.

Creating a CNAME Record in DNS

  • SSL Certificate

It is strongly recommended that you purchase and upload an SSL certificate in conjunction with this functionality as SWSD does not support Non-SSL Domain Mapping.

SSL Certificate upload can take up to 48 hours.

  • Single Sign On

If you are currently using Single Sign On with your Service Desk, the domain mapping adjustment may affect the routing of your login page. Please make sure to update your login redirect with your SSO provider.

Azure SSO with Domain Mapping

  • Wildcard SSL Certificates

You can use a wildcard certificate with SWSD, however, this can not be done natively within the SWSD application.

  • The certificate to be uploaded (.crt file)

  • The private key associated with the certificate

  • The domain name the certificate is being uploaded for

    *Please note: You will need to send this information to our support team at and can take 48-72 hours to process, so please plan accordingly.

To proceed with setup of your SWSD, click here to learn about Email Settings.