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Dashboard - Group Custom Widgets

Your dashboard plays a key role in helping you gain visibility and allows you to analyze your performance and that of your team. Therefore we are always looking to enhance the features offered on your SWSD Dashboard.

Your dashboard displays information that helps you:

  • Identify gaps

  • Improve service desk operations

  • Increase overall productivity and more

What's new?

Group Custom Widgets

As you create widgets to gain insight into your team's performance, we want you to maximize the data extracted. Now, you can group custom fields to determine best processes for your team.

For example: Create a widget that groups Impact and Risk

By comparing custom fields you gain insights into additional metrics across your organization.

Create Widget

In one easy step, create the widgets you need.

  1. Navigate to your SWSD Dashboard and click on .

Advanced Service Statistics Widgets

There is a great deal of information provided in your SWSD. We have now added the ability to utilize Service Statistics to measure and improve your team's performance by increasing visibility into the effectiveness of current processes.

Navigate to your SWSD Dashboard and click on . Notice the large variety of widgets offered, broken down by groups.

For example:

  • Service Statistics (A new enhancement to your dashboard)
  • Computers
  • Software
  • Contracts
  • Tasks and so much more.

Scroll to your Service Statistics Widget options and select a title.

For this example we will review: Average time to first response (elapsed time).

Let's review the display above:

  1. Notice the average time for a KPI and the trends for the selected metric as compared to the average of the previous time period.
  2. The time reflected by HH:MM is color coded. Green reflects improvement vs the previous period, and red reflects degradation.

Select the pencil icon to edit your widget.

  1. Select the Widget tab to add or change the Widget title
  2. Select the Filters tab to add filter such as:
    1. Attribute (example: State; Assignee)
    2. Value (example: Open; Jack Smith)

Once you have made the desired customizations, click update to see your changes.

Based on the data reviewed, you can duplicate the widget to compare data across your team. For example, open the Average time to first response widget for each user on your team and analyze what works best and areas that need improvement.

Don't forget to click the Save button to ensure you are able to view the changes you made to Dashboard in the future.