Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Custom Forms

A major benefit of your SWSD is the ability to customize all forms to best meet your unique organizational needs.

Forms refer to the different modules that you can add custom fields into; serving as the location identifier that your custom fields will appear. You can create one form for each module that is available to you.

For more information on Custom Fields, click here.

Imperative to differentiate between request forms from the Service Catalog (Your Service Catalog should be a complete, up-to-date list of services performed within your organization. For more information on Service Catalog, click here) vs. forms that add defined details related to ITSM objects.

As with all ITSM objects, Custom Forms has an Index Page that displayed all Active and Inactive forms to date. Your view can of course be edited and customized to meet your specific needs.

For more on Editing, filtering and customizing your view, click here.

Use Cases

Custom forms can be used to manage:

  • Purchase date of products/devices
    • This form will maintain up-to-date details of the date each asset has been purchased.
  • Laptop Type

How to?

Navigate to your Setup menu and select Service Desk. Then click Custom Forms.

Notice the ability to add new custom fields directly on the New Form.

In addition to opening an incident regarding a server issue, with the use of custom fields we have defined the server type.