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Change Management Toggle

Organizational changes can be large or small, at times with minimal steps while sometimes there are multiple teams involved, tasks and approvals that must be met and more. With a small enhancement of the change request, we help you ensure no task is left undone or forgotten.

We have added a toggle that will alert you when trying to resolve/close a change request that has open tasks.

This toggle is set to On by default. If you prefer not to utilize this feature, the toggle should be turned Off.


When an agent is trying to change the state of a change request (via the index, individual change, etc.) to Resolved/Closed, we will alert you if there are open/incomplete tasks (in the workflow or ad-hoc). This helps ensure:

  • Compliance: Allow the organization to enforce processes within approved change policies
  • Process accuracy: make certain all steps necessary to implement a change are met
  • Prevent change requests from being resolved/closed when not all tasks are complete

Use Cases

As an administrator, it is important to enforce completion of all tasks, before a change request can be marked as Closed/Completed.

If all tasks are complete, the state change can be updated.

If there are open tasks:

An error message alerts that open tasks are preventing the state change.

These restrictions will not override API calls or automation rules