Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Application Integration

There are numerous benefits to automating workflow process such as:

  • Increasing agent productivity by removing manual tasks
  • Streamlining process within the organization
  • and so much more

As part of a Service Catalog workflow, you can seamlessly include Applications Integrations, to push out API calls to external sources and the internal Samanage API. As part of the API call, you can include Variables of the relevant Service Request. The Variables are written in the form of {{variable name}} , {{context_id}} etc within the body, and are replaced with their values prior to the command being sent.

We have provided a list of variables below:

Variable Form
Requester {{requester_email}}
Site {{site_name}}
Site API ID {{site_id}}
Department {{department_name}}
Department API ID {{department_id}}
Service request id respectively, of the incident {{context_id}}
Any Service request variable, eg: first name, title {{first name}}, {{title}}
Incident number {{incident_number}}
Service Request Variable for User: Name {{}}
Service Request Variable for User: Email Address {{}}
Service Request Variable for User: User ID {{}}
Service Request Variable for User: Group ID {{}}