Documentation forServ-U File Server

Serv-U file sharing: the Request Files wizard

By using the Request Files wizard, you can receive a file from someone by sending a link to a page where the other party can upload the file to.

The user receives a link in email that grants them access to upload files. For added security, you can set the page link expiration and add file constraints and restrictions.

To send a file share request:

  1. Enter the guest user's email address.

  2. Enter the email subject title.
  3. Enter any additional comments.
  4. Enter your name, email address, and confirm the email address.
  5. Set an expiration date or period for when the link to upload files will expire.

    90 days is the maximum time for link availability.

  6. Select Notify me when the file(s) have been uploaded if you want to receive an email when the guest user(s) have uploaded files.
  7. If you want to restrict the size of the uploaded files, check the Constrain individual file, and enter the maximum size.
  8. To require the guest to enter a password to access Serv-U, select this option, and enter or generate the password.