Documentation forServ-U File Server

The Serv-U File Sharing console

Use the file sharing feature to send and receive files from guests.

To access File Sharing, click on File Sharing in the Serv-U tools menu. This option is only available in the MFT edition of Serv-U.

On the File Sharing web console you can search for, view, manage, and edit all incoming and outgoing file sharing requests. This dashboard is where all file sharing requests are initiated.

Common use case scenarios for File Sharing are the following:

  • Send a file internally within your organization typically in the same network using a link in an email.
  • Send a file outside of your organization and outside of your network using a link in an email.
  • Receive a file from someone by sending a link to a page, where the other party can easily upload to it.
  • Search for file shares or files among existing sent, requested, or both sent and requested shares using the search field.

Refresh the list of all incoming and outgoing files by clicking View All Requested or View All Sent.