Documentation forServ-U File Server

FTP Voyager JV

The Serv-U Web Client is intended to enable basic file transfer functionality on the broadest platform available: the standard web browser. However, it is not intended to be a wholesale replacement for a full-featured FTP client. If you are looking for an enterprise level solution that offers a full-featured file transfer client to your users, then FTP Voyager JV is available to meet your needs. With FTP Voyager JV, you still get easy deployment and access configuration of the client through HTTP, but being based on the Java platform enables the following features not available in the Web Client:

  • Concurrently upload multiple files.
  • Download files while an upload is in progress.
  • Download a directory and its entire contents.
  • A traditional Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on the FTP Voyager client.
  • Side-by-side views of the remote and local file systems.
  • Multiple different file system views, for example, list, icons, details, and thumbnails.
  • Maintain original file dates and times after file transfer.
  • Move files and folders between the remote and local file systems.
  • Platform specific display themes to ensure a uniform appearance on the platform of choice.

To enable FTP Voyager JV, you must purchase a supported license for the file server. When it is enabled, FTP Voyager JV is available to all users of the file server that have installed the Java Runtime Environment on their system.