Documentation forServ-U File Server

Site Profile Manager

The Site Profile Manager provides access to the FTP sites that have been defined for FTP Voyager and saved, allowing for quick access. The Site Profile Manager provides many functions which include:

  • Creating site profiles
  • Organizing site profiles (i.e., putting them into folders)
  • Deleting site profiles
  • Updating site profile information
  • Configuring advanced site profile options via Advanced Options
  • Importing or exporting site profile information

There are 4 main sections to the Site Profile Manager which are:

Toolbar The toolbar provides controls for managing site profiles.
Site Profiles List The Site Profiles List is a tree-control located on the left side where sites can be defined or organized into folders. It also contains an Advanced Options button that displays other configuration settings that pertain to the selected site profile.
Site Profile Information The Site Profile Information is located on the right side. Site Profile Information is loaded when a site is selected within the Site Profiles List. It has three sections laid out in an accordion-style slider that can be clicked to access:
Status Bar The status bar provides important information pertaining to the selected site profile. For example, it shows when the site was last connected and for how long.