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FTP Voyager supports routing FTP, FTPS, and SFTP connections through various types of proxy servers. Many home and office networks use proxy servers to help protect internal resources, and if outgoing connections must be routed through a proxy, the proxy settings can be configured here.

You must override the setting below to begin using the Proxy page for this site profile:

Use Global Settings
Select Use these settings to override the settings that are defined in the Proxy category within the Options dialog.

Options pertaining to this page are described below:

Proxy Settings

Proxy Type FTP Voyager supports all major proxy types, including: SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5, HTTP, and FTP. The type of proxy required will be supplied by the network administrator.
Proxy Host The IP address or the domain name of the proxy server.
Port The TCP port number that the proxy server utilizes, automatically sets to the default value of the selected Proxy Type.
Login ID If required, the login ID for the proxy server account.
Password If required, the password for the proxy server account.
Delimiter Some servers use a delimiter character between the Login ID and the site information, which is most often "@".

FTP Proxy

FTP Proxy Options When using an FTP proxy server, several possible proxy connection formats are available. FTP Voyager supports all standard FTP proxy formats, as well as special characters that can be provided as a Custom proxy server type. The Special Variable section can be used to provide variable values for the site.

Defaults Button
Press this button to reset all settings, on this page, back to their original settings.