Documentation forServ-U File Server


Log options allow you to configure the type of information shown in the log pane and how log information is saved to disk.

You must override the setting below to begin using the Log page for this site profile:

Use Global Settings
Select Use these settings to override the settings that are defined in the Log category within the Options dialog.

Options pertaining to this page are described below:

Font and Color
The Font and Color section allows you to specify the font and color pertaining to information that is written to the on-screen log. Adjust the fonts and colors of the items below to produce the desired effects:

  • Status Font
  • Error Font
  • Command Font
  • Reply Font

File Logging

File Logging Set to Enabled if you would like to save the log to a file on your local hard disk.
Log File Directory Specify the directory where the log file is stored.


Timestamps Select whether the log shows timestamps. The options available are: No Timestamps, Full Timestamps, or Timestamp Only Changes.
Timestamps Format Select the format for timestamps. The options available are: No Milliseconds or Include Milliseconds.
Prompts Select the format for prompts. Available options are: Full Prompts, Abbreviated Prompts, or No Prompts.

Log Items
Select which items are logged and what medium they are logged to. Each item under this section can be logged to: the screen, a log file, both, or neither. Several items can be logged which are:

  • Status Messages
  • Error Messages
  • FTP Commands
  • FTP Replies
  • SSH Commands
  • SSH Replies
  • SSH Detail Commands
  • SSH Detail Replies
  • HTTP Commands
  • HTTP Replies
  • Raw Listings

Defaults Button
Press this button to reset all settings, on this page, back to their original settings.