Documentation forServ-U File Server

General Options

These general settings are defined per-site to set how FTP Voyager should interact with the site to be configured. Options pertaining to this page are described below:

Automatic Upload

After File Change FTP Voyager is capable of activating remote files for "live" editing while still active on the remote server. An example of this is a web administrator who loads a CSS file in FTP Voyager live inside the program, makes changes in the default editor (like Notepad), and then closes the file. When the file is saved and closed, FTP Voyager can upload the file automatically without prompting, prompt the user to find if the updated file should be uploaded, or automatically discard the changes.


If Login ID Empty If the Login ID field in an FTP Voyager Site Profile is empty, FTP Voyager will prompt the user for the ID. This can be set to Don't Prompt so that FTP Voyager does not ask the user for the Login ID when none has been specified.
If Password Empty If the Password field in a Site Profile is empty, FTP Voyager will prompt the user for the password. This can be set to Don't Prompt so that FTP Voyager does not ask the user for the Password when none has been specified.
Resume Supported Resume support is a server-side feature that can allow users to resume transfers that have been broken, so that progress already made on a large upload is not lost. By default, servers will "announce" whether they support Resume, so FTP Voyager will automatically determine whether to provide this option to the user. This can be set to Disable if Resume should not be available for a given site.
FEAT Supported FEAT support is an FTP/FTPS feature that allows the server to announce the features it supports for FTP clients (features like resume support, client/server messaging, and more). If FEAT should be disabled, it can be done by setting this option to Disable.
Folders Above Default

FTP Voyager supports a Default Remote Directory option that allows a Site Profile to automatically open a specific folder in a new Browser. If Folders Above Default is set to Disallow Navigation, this Default Remote Directory will serve as a root directly above which access is restricted.

Simple Directory Listings FTP Voyager supports advanced FTP directory listings via the LIST and MLSD FTP commands. These listing formats support sending information such as modification time/date. For servers where this is not desirable, the Use NLST option can be set, causing the server to return only file names (not including folder names) with no other information.
Server Location

For servers located in time zones outside of the FTP Voyager time zone, FTP Voyager will automatically use the SITE ZONE FTP command to maintain the integrity of modification times/dates when transferring files between time zones. If the server does not support this command, the time zone of the remote server can be manually set here.