Documentation forServ-U File Server

Auto Rename

FTP Voyager can automatically rename files before they reach their destination. This page lists all the naming rules that are applied to this particular site profile. Auto-Rename rules can be configured for:

  1. Uploaded Files
  2. Downloaded Files

In order for your Auto-Rename rules to be applied to the uploaded or downloaded files, you must enable it on the File Handling page of a site profile that is located within the Site Profile Manager. For example, enable "Automatic Rename on Upload" to enforce Auto-Rename rules for file uploads.

You must override the setting below to begin using the Auto Rename page for this site profile:

Use Global Settings
Select Use these settings to override the settings that are defined in the Auto Rename category within the Options dialog.

Buttons are located at the top of each list that manage the corresponding Auto-Rename rules. Take note, that items within the list are processed sequentially from top-to-bottom (e.g., the rules of one item may be overridden by the rules of another that is located below it). The buttons located within each list are described below:

New Click to create an Auto-Rename rule using the Auto Rename Dialog.
Please see the Auto Rename Dialog for more information pertaining to the creation of an Auto-Rename rule.
Delete Click to remove the selected item from the corresponding list.
Move Item Up Click to move the selected item above another item until the item is at the very top of the list.
Move Item Down Click to move the selected item below another item until the item is at the very bottom of the list.