Documentation forServ-U File Server

Tools Tab Overview

The Tools tab includes access to global FTP Voyager settings regarding server interaction and user interface preferences, and also includes search, synchronize, and file transfer scheduling functionality.

The Tools tab consists of 3 groups:




Use this to display the Options where you can modify user interface preferences, proxy settings, ASCII extensions, and more.


Searches for files in the active browser according to the search terms. Once clicked, focus is automatically moved to the Search Bar of the active file browser.



Stops the current operation, whether it is a file transfer, directory listing, or other.

Custom Commands

Issues a pre-defined custom command to the server. Custom commands can be added for specific servers as needed (see the Help documentation within Custom Commands Dialog for more details). All server responses can be viewed within the Log Pane.

FTP Voyager provides default custom commands which are described below:

Help Issues the HELP command to the server.
System Issues the SYST command to the server.
Find Files... Issues the SITE INDEX command to the server. The parameters included must be the search criteria.
Change Password... Issues the SITE PSWD command to the server. The parameters included must be the old and new passwords.
XCRC Issues the XCRC command to the server. The parameters included must be a file name.

Send FTP Command

Use the Send FTP Command dialog to send a custom or manual FTP command to an FTP server.

This only applies to FTP servers, SFTP servers are not supported.

Synchronize Folders

Allows for synchronization of files and folders between two file browsers. Please see Synchronize Folders for more information.


Scheduler Site Profiles

Defines site profiles to be used specifically with FTP Voyager Scheduler. All site profiles managed here only apply to FTP Voyager Scheduler.

You can add existing site profiles from FTP Voyager to the site profiles of FTP Voyager Scheduler. Open the Site Profile Manager for FTP Voyager, right-click on a site profile and select Copy to Scheduler.

Scheduler Options

Defines "global" options specifically used for FTP Voyager Scheduler. All options and settings adjusted here only apply to FTP Voyager Scheduler.