Documentation forServ-U File Server

Help Tab Overview

The Help tab provides access to important application information, help files, and links to important technical and support resources online.

The Help tab consists of 2 groups:


Help File

Displays help content for FTP Voyager.

Knowledge Base

Navigates your default web browser to an online Knowledge Base for FTP Voyager.

About FTP Voyager

Launches the About Box which displays important information about the FTP Voyager program, including:

  • Software build date
  • Software installation date
  • Contact information
  • Legal notices
  • Network information
  • Software update check utility
  • FTP Voyager End User License Agreement

Online Support

Technical Support

Navigates your default web browser to a web page that provides technical support for FTP Voyager.

Update Check

Checks for availability of a new version of FTP Voyager which is located within the About Box under the Update Check category.