Documentation forServ-U File Server

Open Files Pane overview

The Open Files Pane displays a list of files that have been downloaded from a remote server and opened within the local program registered for the file type. This makes it easy to alter files and then upload your changes back to the remote file location. The Open Files pane provides a toolbar and right-click pop-up menu where commands can be performed on the selected files.

The Open Files pane has several columns that pertain to the remote file that was opened. These are described below:

File Name Displays the name of the remote file that was opened within a local program.
Site Displays the name of the remote server where this file originated from.
Remote Folder Displays the full path where this file resides within the remote server.
Last Modified Displays the timestamp of when the file was modified.
Last Uploaded Displays the last timestamp of when the file was uploaded to the remote server.
Status Displays the status of the open file. By default, this tells you the file has been downloaded.