Documentation forServ-U File Server

Using Search

FTP Voyager provides tools which allow you to quickly search for the files or folders within a directory. The methods for searching for files or folders are listed below:


Type-ahead is a nice feature for use within many controls within FTP Voyager (e.g., trees and listings). By having focus in a tree and listing, and then typing the name of the file or folder you're looking for, the row selection changes to each file or folder that matches the character sequence you entered. This is useful so you can quickly locate the file or folder you're looking for without having to scroll through the listing.

Search Toolbar

The Search Bar gives you the ability to search for a particular file or folder within the entire file system. It provides a powerful mechanism for searching for files bases on: name, size, timestamps, as well as other file attributes.

For more information, please see the documentation for the Search Bar.

When the Search Bar is used, a special tree node is created under the root item within the tree. The special tree node represents the search that was executed. Clicking on the special search node, results in the file listing to be refreshed with the new search results. These special search nodes may be removed by right-clicking and selecting Discard Results or pressing the [DELETE] key while the search node has focus.

A special search node is displayed in the image below: