Documentation forServ-U File Server

Server to Server File Transfer (FXP)

Server to Server File Transfer (FXP) allows you to copy files between servers without first downloading from one server, then uploading to another (i.e., eliminates the middle-man).

To transfer files and folders between servers, follow the steps below:

  1. Use FTP Voyager to connect to two remote servers; each opening within their own Remote Browser.
  2. Use drag and drop to initiate the transfer from one remote server to the other. For more information about drag and drop, view the help documentation for Using Drag and Drop.

Sometimes Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don't allow server to server transfers. This is to protect the server from FTP Bounce attacks from hackers. If the FTP Server gives you an error message that says Invalid IP address" or Server accepts PASV commands for the client only, contact your ISP or system administrator.