Documentation forServ-U File Server

Command Line Options

FTP Voyager can be started and controlled by the Windows command line.

All command line options are of the form:

  • Combining options is allowed, but each option must be separated by a space.
  • Letter case is important.
  • If the value requires a space, then surround it with quotes. For example,
    password="The Quick Brown Fox"

The Command Line options are described below:

host=[host address] Sets the host address to connect to. Host address can be a domain name, or an IP address in dotted notation (e.g.
port=[port number] Sets the port to which to connect. This is a decimal value.
user=[user ID] Sets the user ID to be used for login. This is a string.
pass=[password] Sets the password to be use for login. This is a string.
get=[file name] Downloads a file from the server.
put=[file name] Uploads a file to the server.
profile=[profile name] Specifies the Site Profile to use for the connection. An example might be Microsoft.All. The value shown here is the same value that would appear within the Site Profile Manager.
saveprofile=[boolean value] Setting this option to non zero saves any changes, specified on the command line, for the profile specified on the command line. For example, if the command line changes the remote directory, use this option to save the changes to disk for that profile.
logfile=[logfilename.log] Set this value to use a different log file name than the one assigned within FTP Voyager.
maxthreads=[int value] The maxthreads parameter specifies the maximum number of threads to use when performing Synchronize Folders. If not specified, the default value of 3 is used. The number of threads you specify here is important in determining how much bandwidth FTP Voyager uses, and how many system resources via threads are used.

Other Command Line Options

-nosplash -nosplash
-noduration Prevents the connect duration of site profiles from being written to disk.
-nostartupwizard Disables the initial Startup Wizard.

Alternative Format

FTP Voyager also supports a standard URL format for FTP. The format can be specified as follows:

ftp://[user ID:password@]&lthost name&gt[:port]/[path name/][get file name]

If you need to specify a space in the FTP URL format, use "%20", which is the hexadecimal representation for a space (i.e.,