Documentation forServ-U File Server

Selection Types

Selection Types allow you to put related file extensions into a grouping. This provides the file listing with an easy mechanism to select each file that is part of the group. You can tell the file listing to select the files that are part of the group by using the Select by Type button within the Edit Tab located on the Ribbon or via the keyboard by pressing the [CTRL] plus the corresponding number that the group is assigned (i.e., 0-9).

In order to modify the grouping, select it from the Selection Types list. When selected, the Name and Filter fields, located under the Selection Types list, are automatically filled in. Modify the Name and Filter fields to your choosing. Note: Each file extension located within the Filter field must be separated by a comma.

Options pertaining to this page are described below:

Selection Types
The Selection Types list contains rows numbered in ascending order from 0 to 9. Each row represents a grouping that can be used to easily select those file within a file listing.

FTP Voyager comes equipped with default groupings that are described below:

0. Text Files *.txt;*.ini;*.log
1. XHTML/HTML/XML Files *.htm;*.html;*.xml;*.asp;*.aspx;*.jsp;*.php
2. Zip Files *.zip;*.gz;*.7z;*.bz2;*.zipx;*.tgz
3. Rar Files *.rar;*.r0?;*.r1?;*.r2?;*.r3?;*.r4?;*.r5?;*.r6?;*.r7?;*.r8?;*.r9?;*.10?;*.0?;*.1?;*.2?;*.3?;*.4?;*.5?;*.6?;*.7?;*.8?;*.9?;*.10?
4. Ace Files *.ace;*.a0?;*.a1?;*.a2?;*.a3?;*.a4?;*.a5?;*.a6?;*.a7?;*.a8?;*.a9?;*.a10?;*.0?;*.1?;*.2?;*.3?;*.4?;*.5?;*.6?;*.7?;*.8?;*.9?;*.10?
5. Audio Files *.mp3;*.mp4;*.aac;*.wav;*.aif;*.vox;*.mid;*.xm;*.it
6. Video Files *.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mov;*.avi;*.wmv
7. Image Files *.gif;*.png;*.mng;*.jpg;*.jpe;*.jpeg;*.bmp
8. Document Files *.doc;*.ppt;*.xls;*.wpd;*.pdf;*.pptx;*.docx;*.xlsx;*.odf;*.odt
9. Miscellaneous Files *.diz;*.nfo;*.sfv

Defaults Button
Press this button to reset all settings, on this page, back to their original settings.