Documentation forServ-U File Server


Log options allow you to configure the type of information shown in the log pane and how log information is saved to disk.

Note: Many options may be overridden within the Log category within the "Advanced Options" of a site profile located within the Site Profile Manager.

Options pertaining to this page are described below:

Font and Color
The Font and Color section allows you to specify the font and color pertaining to information that is written to the on-screen log. Adjust the fonts and colors of the items below to produce the desired effects:

  • Status Font
  • Error Font
  • Command Font
  • Reply Font

File Logging Set to "Enabled" if you would like to save the log to a file on your local hard disk.
Log File Directory Specify the directory where the log file is stored.
Timestamps Select whether the log shows timestamps. The options available are: "No Timestamps", "Full Timestamps", or "Timestamp Only Changes".
Timestamps Format Select the format for timestamps. The options available are: "No Milliseconds" or "Include Milliseconds".
Prompts Select the format for prompts. Available options are: "Full Prompts", "Abbreviated Prompts", or "No Prompts".

Log Items
Select which items are logged and what medium they are logged to. Each item under this section can be logged to: the screen, a log file, both, or neither. Several items can be logged which are:

  • Status Messages
  • Error Messages
  • FTP Commands
  • FTP Replies
  • SSH Commands
  • SSH Replies
  • SSH Detail Commands
  • SSH Detail Replies
  • HTTP Commands
  • HTTP Replies
  • Raw Listings

Defaults Button
Press this button to reset all settings, on this page, back to their original settings.