Documentation forServ-U File Server

Auto ASCII Extensions

Use this feature to define file extensions that FTP Voyager uses when transferring files. This only applies when the Transfer Mode is set to "Auto ASCII" for the site profile. The Transfer Mode setting is located within the "Advanced Options" of the site profile located within the Site Profile Manager under the Connection category.

The purpose of transferring files using ASCII instead of binary is a result of how new lines are interpreted within text files. For example, a Windows operating system interprets a new line by using a [CR][LF] sequence. Whereas, a UNIX operating system interprets a new line by using only a [LF] sequence. Therefore, using "Auto ASCII" to transfer files between platforms ensures the file's new line sequences correspond to the target platform allowing you to view the text file as it's supposed to be.

Another factor to help you determine which Transfer Mode to use is what is the purpose of the transfer. For example, if you're transferring files in order to back them up, then you'll probably want to copy in binary mode so they'll be exactly the same when you later restore them. If the files need to be usable as text files between platforms, then you'll want to use ASCII mode to translate the new line sequences for the desired target platform.

Buttons are located at the top of the list that manage the corresponding file extensions. The buttons located within the list are described below:

New Click to create a new file extension entry.
Delete Click to remove the selected item from the corresponding list.
Move Item Up Click to move the selected item above another item until the item is at the very top of the list.
Move Item Down Click to move the selected item below another item until the item is at the very bottom of the list.
Enable Auto ASCII Place a checkmark to include these file extensions when the site's Transfer Mode is set to "Auto ASCII".
Defaults Button

Press this button to reset all settings, on this page, back to their original settings.