Documentation forServ-U File Server

Synchronize Files

FTP Voyager offers three ways to synchronize files. Click the one that you want to do.

Real-time Synchronization

FTP Voyager's real-time synchronization allows you to select two folders to synchronize, preview your operation and perform your operation.

  1. Open the Tools Tab located on the Ribbon.
  2. Navigate to the two folders you want to synchronize, then click the Synchronize Folders button.

  3. First look the folder paths in the Remote Folder and Local Folder sections. If these are NOT the right folders, click on the X in the upper right corner and navigate to the correct paths in your local and remote browser windows.

  4. If the paths are correct, click the Compare Folders button.
  5. After a few seconds, a list of actions will show up under the Synchronize button in the Remote Folder and Local Folder sections.
  6. If these are not the actions you expected to see, adjust Comparison Options in between the Remote Folder and Local Folder and click the Compare Folders button again.
  7. To omit suggested actions from the final run, select those actions and click the nearby Remove Selected button.
  8. Once you have the right set of actions displayed click the Synchronize button in either:
    • Remote Folder: to upload files to, create folders on, and delete files from the remote site
    • Local Folder: to download files to, create folders on, and delete files from your local computer

    During synchronization, the Compare Folders and Synchronize buttons will disappear and a Stop Synchronization button will take their place.

  9. If your synchronization failed, close the Synchronize window and look at the Log pane in your remote browser to see what went wrong. Then repeat steps 4-7 to make adjustments and remove actions to avoid problematic files and folders.

    If your synchronization succeeded, you will see a green checkmark icon next to the word Synchronized in the File or Folder column of the Remote Folder or Local Folder you just synchronized.

    Note that the other folder may not also display this status, especially if you used the Remove Selected button to trim down your actions.