Documentation forServ-U File Server

Run from CLI

FTP Voyager supports invocation from the command line to transfer files and synchronize folders.

You can either use existing Site Profiles or connect to undefined FTP sites using command-line parameters.

For example:

"FTP Voyager.exe" autoquit=1 profile="Blue Dog" maxthreads=1 local=d:\temp\ 
 get=/temp/dvdfab_burn_vso.log logfile=d:\temp\toast.log -nosplash

"FTP Voyager.exe" autoquit=1 user=charlie port=21 maxthreads=1 local=d:\temp\ remote=/aix/ get=test.txt -nosplash

You can also use command-line invocations to perform limited Site Profile management, especially adding new FTP Site Profiles.

More Information

For complete details, please see our current KB article.

To schedule file transfers, please use FTP Voyager's built-in schedule service.