Documentation forServ-U File Server

Trusted Certificate Dialog

The Trusted Certificate dialog allows you to view and accept or reject an FTP site's SSL certificate. Trusted certificates allow FTP Voyager to connect to the secure server. If a certificate is rejected, then FTP Voyager will not attempt to communicate with the server.

The certificate's data is displayed within the dialog and are described below:

Organization Displays the full organization name.
Unit Displays the business unit the server resides in.
Email Displays the email of the certificate owner.
Common Name

Displays the common name of the certificate. The common name must represent the IP address or the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that users use to connect to this server. NOTE: If the common name is not the IP address or FQDN used by clients to connect, clients may be prompted that the certificate does not match the domain name they are connecting to (e.g., see screenshot below).

City / Town Displays the city/town of the certificate owner.
Country Displays the country of the certificate owner.
From Displays the date when the certificate was issued.
To Displays the date when the certificate expires.

Buttons located on the right-side of the dialog are explained below:

Accept Select this button to accept the certificate and continue with the SSL connection to the server.
Reject Select this button to reject the certificate and cancel the connection to the server.
Help Click to launch the help documentation.
Always Accept
  • When checked, and the Accept button is pressed, the certificate is added to the Trusted Certificates list within the Options.