Documentation forServ-U File Server

SSH Key Pairs Dialog

The SSH Key Pairs dialog allows you to create a key pair for SSH. Some SFTP over SSH2 servers require authentication via a public and private SSH2 key pair instead of a username and password combination. This is referred to as Public Key Authentication, and is especially common when connecting to UNIX/Linux servers or when connecting to mainframes.

FTP Voyager supports storing key pairs for authentication at the global and the site profile levels. A public/private key pair configured in within the SSH Options category located in the Options dialog applies to all site profiles, except for site profiles with their own SSH Options already configured manually. To apply a public/private key pair to only one site, do so in the SSH Options category located within the "Advanced Options" of the Site Profile Manager. In both cases, the following items must be configured:

Key Type FTP Voyager supports both DSA type keys and RSA type keys, which have to do with the format in which the data is stored. DSA is the most commonly supported format.
Key Length

The Key Length has a lot to do with how secure the key is. 2048-bit, the default key length, provides a strong balance between speed and security. For higher security with lower speeds, the 4196 bit key length is available. For higher speeds with lower security, the 1024 bit key length is available. A key length of 1024 is strongly recommended. Key lengths less than 1024 are considered insecure.

Large key lengths require more processing time and take longer to create.

Private Key Password
  • Private key files must be kept secure and private. Providing a password here allows you to further secure the files. If using a password, you must also enter a confirmation password, that matches the password entered.
  • Key Pair Name Enter the file name of the key pair here. This is used to generate the filename which is stored within the "Key Pair Folder".
    Key Pair Folder
  • Enter the full path to the directory where the public and private key files are to be stored. Press the browse button to navigate to a location on your computer to store the files.
  • Public Key File Format Each server expects its own format for public keys. FTP Voyager supports SSL, SSH, and OpenSSH public key file formats. For the correct format, check with the server administrator.