Documentation forServ-U File Server

Quick Connect Save Dialog

The Quick Connect Save dialog allows you to save the quick connect settings, found within the Browser Tab tab of the Ribbon, to a new site profile. Once saved, the site profile is stored within the Site Profile Manager.

The dialog controls are described below:

FTP Site Parent Folder Select the folder where the new site profile will be stored. Note: Each folder corresponds to a folder within the Site Profile Manager.
Site Name
  • Enter the name used for the new site profile. This name will be displayed within the Site Profile Manager list.
  • Edit site profile immediately after saving Check this to begin editing this site profile with the Site Profile Manager as soon as it is created.
    OK Click to create a new site profile from the settings specified within the Quick Connect fields of the Browser Tab located on the Ribbon. Once created, the new site profile can be found within the selected folder of the Site Profile Manager.
    Cancel Click to cancel the creation of this rule.
    Help Click to launch the help documentation.