Documentation forServ-U File Server

Custom Commands

Use this feature to perform commands that FTP Voyager does not normally perform such as changing file permissions. These commands are created based on a specific FTP Server. For example, the "chmod" command in UNIX is not supported on a VMS server. To perform the operation you may create a Custom Command to perform the operation.

Buttons are located at the top of the list that manage the corresponding Custom Commands. Take note, that items within the list are processed sequentially from top-to-bottom (e.g., the rules of one item may be overridden by the rules of another that is located below it).

The buttons located within each list are described below:

New Click to create a command using the Custom Command Dialog.
Please see the Custom Command Dialog for more information pertaining to the creation of a Custom Command.
Delete Click to remove the selected item from the corresponding list.
Move Item Up Click to move the selected item above another item until the item is at the very top of the list.
Move Item Down Click to move the selected item below another item until the item is at the very bottom of the list.

Below the list is another option described below:

Execute immediately after login Select this option if FTP Voyager should send your list of custom commands immediately after logging in to the server. When selected FTP Voyager will not display the results of the custom commands in a pop-up dialog.