Documentation forServ-U File Server

bAuto Rename Dialog

FTP Voyager can automatically rename files before they reach their destination. This dialog is found within the Auto Rename category within the Options. This dialog allows you to create an Auto Rename rule for this purpose. The dialog is split up into an upper and lower section. The upper section contains the controls for defining a new Auto Rename rule. The lower section allows you to test how a filename is converted when the Auto Rename rule is applied.

The upper section of the dialog is explained below:

Rename files matching this pattern:

Enter the filename that you would like to automatically rename. You may use the '*' wildcard; which includes all characters. For example, "*.*" includes all the characters before the period and all characters after the period.

To this:

Enter the filename that will replace all filenames that match the pattern that was specified above. You may use '*' wildcard.

Ignore Case

When selected, the Auto Rename rule ignores the letter case when making character comparisons based on the matching pattern.

Examples Click this to display a drop-list containing examples of common Auto Rename rules. Select a common Auto Rename rule to automatically fill in the controls.
Special Variable

Click this to display a drop-list containing special variables. Select a special variable to automatically add it to the "To this" field.

OK Click to create an Auto Rename rule which is added to the Auto Rename category located within the Options dialog.

Click to cancel the creation of this rule.


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