Documentation forServ-U File Server

About box

The About box of FTP Voyager contains valuable information pertaining to this copy of the software. The About box is split up into 4 main categories:

Program Information

This page is split into 4 sections:

  • Product Information: Contains the version number, build date, and installation date of FTP Voyager.
  • Contact Information: Lists all parties involved in the distribution of the product.
  • Development Information: Lists all parties involved in the development of the product.
  • Legal Information: Contains information about copyright law applicable to the product.
Network Information

Contains information pertaining to your computer's network settings. This information can be used by SolarWinds for technical support.

Update Check

The page tells you if an update for FTP Voyager has been released. You can also configure how automatic updates are performed.

License Agreement

Displays the End-User License Agreement pertaining to the use of FTP Voyager.