Documentation forServ-U File Server

Folders pane

The Folders pane provides a tree structure where each tree node represents a directory of the underlying file system that the browser is connected to. Tree nodes can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide the directories that are nested within. Select a directory in order to view its files and folders within the File List View. This can be accomplished by selecting the directory with your mouse or using the keyboard.

The Folders pane has many features that are used to manage the underlying file system. One feature is providing a valid drag and drop location for file paths. Dragging a folder from the Folders pane and dropping it into another valid drop location for file paths produces either a move, copy, or transfer operation. Other features include:

  • Creating a new directory
  • Deleting a directory
  • Renaming a directory
  • Opening a directory to view its contents
  • Viewing the properties of a directory
  • Transferring a directory to another local or remote location
  • and more...

This Folders pane image depicts the local file system within a Windows operating system.