Documentation forServ-U File Server

Search Bar Overview

The Search Bar allows you to look for files within the current working directory. The search routines can be configured with various options, like the inclusion of searching all sub-directories or ignoring letter case and more.

The Search Bar controls are described below:

Search Field

The Search Field allows entry of search criteria, including file and folder names. Once a search has been performed, it is added to a history list that is accessed by clicking on the arrow located on the right-side of the Search Field. Standard wildcards can be used to search for files, populating the listing with all file and/or folder names that match the search criteria. The wildcards are described below:

  • The '*' character means any characters will produce a match. Example: "*" or "*.*" will result in all files and folders being returned in the listing.
  • The '?' character is known as a character mask, and will match to any individual character at the position specified. Example: "Betty.???" will return all files that start with "Betty." and end with a three character extension. As an additional example, "LogFile??2009.txt" would return all files that start with "LogFile" contain two characters in the middle, and end in "2009.txt", as might be the case with monthly log files.
Search Button

Click this to start a search within the current working directory based on the filters and options provided. This button also contains hidden controls that can be shown by clicking on the arrow located on the right-side of the button. The hidden controls allow you to refine your search parameters even further and are described in detail below:

Date The date fields can be used to filter out files based on the file's created or modified timestamps.
Size The size fields can be used to filter out files based on the file's size.
Search in Subfolders When selected, the search routines include searching for files within the nested directories of the current working directory.
Match on Full Path When selected, only the full path of a file is considered a match to the search criteria.????
Include Folders When selected, folders are also displayed in the search results that match the search criteria.
Ignore Case When selected, the file names or file path ignores the letter case when making character comparisons based on the search field.
User Regular Expression When selected, the search field allows you to enter a regular expression. Defining "regular expressions" are out of the scope of this document.


When clicked, all search options are returned back to their default state.
Search When clicked, starts the search routines with the search criteria and options provided.
Close When clicked, closes the pop-up that displays the search options.