Documentation forServ-U File Server

Browsers Overview

The browsers of FTP Voyager provide an intuitive layout that allows you to easily navigate the file system of your choosing.

FTP Voyager supports two types of browsers:

Local Browser(s)

The Local browser accesses the same files you can access with Windows Explorer today.

You can also use Windows Explorer to navigate the local directories and files of your workstation. Then you can use drag and drop to transfer files and folders between the remote server and your local workstation. Please click here for more information.

Remote Browser(s)

The Remote browser accesses files on a remote FTP, FTPS and SFTP server.

The sections of a browser are described below:

  1. Navigation Bar
  2. Toolbar
  3. Search Bar
  4. Folders Pane
  5. File List View
  6. Preview Pane
  7. Log Pane (Remote-Only)
  8. Status Bar

A screenshot of a Remote browser is shown below. (Local browsers do not have a (7) Log Pane.)