Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Upgrade the reports console

After you upgrade the SEM virtual appliance, upgrade the SEM reports application so it is compatible with the web or desktop console. Previously-scheduled reports will not run until you upgrade the reports application to the latest version. This is especially important when using Windows 8 and later operating systems.

SEM Reports version 6.4 is the latest version and also works with SEM 6.5 through 2021.2.

  1. Open the Reports folder from your unzipped upgrade download.
  2. Copy setup.exe to the local drive on your Reports computer.

    The security settings in some Windows operating systems require the installer to be on the local hard drive prior to the launch.

  3. Log in to the Reports computer.
  4. Right-click setup.exe, and then select Launch to run as administrator.
  5. Complete the installation wizard.

    If you are installing the update on systems running Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 2012 R2, include Windows 7 compatibility for the installation.