Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Determine the upgrade path

This section describes how to upgrade from all prior SEM versions to the latest version.

This section also describes how to upgrade from earlier LEM versions. If you need an upgrade package for an earlier LEM version or TriGeo SIM (which is no longer supported), open a Customer Support ticket.

About the upgrade installers

Use the following installers to upgrade your deployment:

  • Security Event Manager - Recovery Boot CD

  • SEM Upgrade ISO

These installers are located on the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

The Security Event Manager - Recovery Boot CD installer provides the necessary files to support older versions in the upgrade path. If you are running an End of Life or End of Engineering version, run the CD where indicated between each version in the upgrade path.

The SEM Upgrade ISO installer upgrades your deployment with a version you select and download in the Customer Portal. Based on the upgrade path, you may be required to download several versions of the SEM Upgrade ISO installer from the Customer Portal to upgrade your deployment to the latest release.

See Best practices for SEM Upgrades for additional upgrade considerations.

Download the upgrade installers

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

  2. Click Downloads > Download Product.

  3. Click the Products drop-down menu and select:

    Security Event Manager (SEM), formerly Log and Event Manager (LEM)

  4. Click the Licenses drop-down menu and select your license tier.

  5. Locate your current version listed in Currently supported versions, End of Engineering versions, or End of Life versions.

  6. Under Upgrade path, record the installers that are required to upgrade your deployment to the latest release.

  7. If you are upgrading from SEM 2021.4 or earlier, download the Security Event Manager - Recovery Boot CD located under All Release Downloads. Otherwise, go to the next step.

  8. Download the SEM Upgrade ISO installer for your upgrade version.

    For example, if you need to upgrade to version 2022.4.1 in the upgrade path, click the drop-down menu, select 2022.4.1, and download this installer.

  9. Repeat step 8 for each additional installer required in the upgrade path, including the installer for the latest release.

The following tables provide the upgrade paths for all SEM versions. See the SEM Installation and Upgrade Guide for upgrade instructions.

Currently supported versions

SEM version Upgrade path







End of Engineering versions

SEM version Upgrade path







End of Life versions

The following table provides the upgrade paths from previous LEM versions to the latest SEM version.

LEM version Upgrade path to SEM







6.3.1 *

6.3.0 *


6.1 *

6.0.1 *


* If SMB1 is disabled during the upgrade process, upgrade to 6.3.1 hotfix 7 to perform an ISO upgrade before moving to version 6.4.