Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Set up the first SEM Manager instance in the legacy Flash console

Follow this procedure to set up the initial SEM Manager instance in the console. To add additional SEM Manager instances to SEM, see Add another SEM VM or appliance to the console.

  1. Open the SEM legacy Flash console. See Log in to the SEM web console for steps.

    When you start the console for the first time, the Manage > Appliances view opens so that you can configure the SEM Manager instance.

    If the Appliances view did not open, navigate to Manage > Appliances.

  2. Add the SEM Manager instance to the Console.

  3. Log in to the SEM Manager through the Console.

  4. Configure the Manager properties by completing the Properties form.

  5. Configure the Manager connectors with the Connector Configuration window.

  6. (Optional) Assign the Manager alert distribution policy with the Event Distribution Policy window.