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Troubleshoot the SEM reports application

This section provides information to help you troubleshoot SEM reports.

Troubleshoot the SEM reports application database connection

Use the following table to troubleshoot error messages that may occur with the ping test used to test the connection between the SEM reports application and the data warehouse or the primary data source.

Review the SEM reports requirements in the SEM Installation Guide.

Problem or Error Message Description Correction

Manager ping
timed out.

The reports application was unable to connect to the SEM Manager host name or IP address. Confirm the host name (or IP address) you entered is correct.

Confirm that you entered the warehouse host name properly and it matches a valid DNS entry. Try entering the warehouse IP address in the Host Name field.

Sending the authentication packet failed. Could not flush socket buffer.

Reports could resolve and connect to the IP address, but could not authenticate to the database server at that location.

Confirm that the host name (or IP address) is correct and allows connections from the location where you are running the reports application.

This error may also require you to modify the report restrictions.

Server ping test successful, but database connection test failed.

Login incorrect.

Login failed for user [user name].

Reports could resolve, connect to the IP address, and connect to SQL Server, but could not log in using the reports user credentials.

Confirm that the host name (or IP address) you specified contains the SolarWinds database.

The warehouse may require a password for reporting purposes. In this case, click Security and enter the warehouse reporting password.

Logon failed. Database Vendor Code 210 The system running the SEM reports application is not on the list of authorized reporting computers.

To resolve this issue, add the system running the reports application to the list of authorized reporting computers.

To allow specific systems to run the SEM reports application, or to remove all reporting restrictions, see "Restrict access to the SEM reports application.

Repair the SEM reports application

If you cannot open the SEM reports application or run reports, complete the following steps.

  1. Uninstall SEM Reports and Crystal Reports v11 Runtime.

  2. Log in as an administrator and reinstall both components.

  3. Launch SEM Reports.