Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

SEM CMC nDepth menu

The cmc::ndepth> menu includes commands for managing one or more nDepth VMs or appliances.

See About the CMC command line in SEM for information about using the CMC command line.

Type the ndepth command at the main menu to open the cmc::ndepth> prompt. Commands available from the ndepth menu are listed in the following table in alphabetical order. A ü in the "Restart Required" column indicates that a command requires an automatic restart of the SEM Manager service. See Start and Stop SEM components for help.

Command Description Restart Required
exit Exits the nDepth menu and returns to the main menu.


Sets the Log Message archive share settings.


Sets the Log Message backup share settings.


Restarts the Log Message search/storage service.



Starts the Log Message search/storage service.


Stops the Log Message search/storage service.

Find more information on nDepth log retention and additional database requirements here.